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Renovation work – Microbiology Lab – SME Gandhinagar

Renovation work

Supply of Electrical Items – SME Gandhinagar

Supply of electric items

Civil Maintenance Work – STAS Pullarikunnu

Maintenance work

Construction of Ramp – SME Gandhinagar

Construction of Ramp

Maintenance of Ladies Hostel – SME Puthuppally

ladies hostel – Maintenance

Lab Cubicles – Dept. of Physiotherapy, SME Gandhinagar

Quotation for Lab Cubicles

Supply & Installation – Lab Equipments- Physiotherapy SME

Lab Equipments – Physiotherapy

Construction of Badminton Court – INE Pala

construction of Badminton court

Scrap – List of Items to be disposed


Laser Printer – BMI

Laser Printer – BMI